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Custom Music made to order just for YOU.

Created by amazing musicians, producers, and engineers who've studied, composed, and performed the world over.

The Visionaries

Each project that we take on is constructed from the ground up with our clients input every step of the way. We create soundscapes that push the boundaries of the norm by making the musical personal and especially for YOU.

Combining decades of experience in the music and entertainment business with fresh talent is just one way that we provide our clients with a boutique service unique to the industry.

Eric Brown

Eric holds a B.A. in Music Business and makes sure that the "business" in music business is on point and that everything is running smoothly. Growing up on a farm in rural Colorado, Eric understands the value of hard work and the "get er done" way of doing things.

Eric has played in several orchestras including The Colorado Symphony Orchestra and The Arapaho Philharmonic. Eric brings a crisp, sharp, focused mind to the table and will ensure that your project is commercially competitive. He also play drums. Hard!

Derek Dixie

Currently Music Director for Beyonce. 2 Super Bowls. 3 World Tours.

Derek Dixie is the cream of the crop. A solid musician with over 15 years experience as a performer in the studio, live concerts and theater. He is persistent with a fresh drive for success. Derek emits an unrivaled work ethic and is committed to proper interpretation and execution of music. He is well rounded in all aspects of music creation from inspiration and ideas to presentation. Formally trained and skilled in all styles of music, Derek is confident and able to adapt to the desires and vision of the artist.

Derek has ample experience in audio engineering, managing aesthetic and technical concerns such as spectral balance, dynamics, imaging, and clarity. Experienced in sound for picture projects, radio spots for advertising and short-format story line.

Art Dixie

Art is a musician/songwriter/producer with over 17 years of experience.

His resume includes collaborations with Brian Mcknight, Philip Bailey (Earth Wind and Fire), Marcus Miller, Michael Bearden (Michael Jackson Music Director, Lopez tonight), Wayman Tisdale and many more amazing talented artists.

Masaki Saito

Masaki has over 15 years experience in the music business. He has worked as an engineer, programmer, and on scoring crews for several major motion pictures including "Triple XXX", "The Boy Next Door", and "27 dresses". Masaki has collaborated in the studio with world renowned artists such as, Randy Edelman, Luis Bakajov, Britney Spears, The Black Cats and many more.

He is a graduate of Berkeley School of Music Boston and is your go to guy to get it all done in the studio. The client asks "Can you do...(insert your hearts desire)?" and Masaki says "YES".

Musical Collaborations:


(Pre-production services for Music Director for The Formation Tour, On The Run Tour, Mrs. Carter Tour, American Music awards, 2014 Grammy’s, Superbowl XLVII 2013, Superbowl 50 2016 and other appearances)

Britney Spears

(engineering and programming services)

Brian McKnight

(arranging, co-writing on the single “You”)

Wayman Tisdale

(co-writing, production)

Marcus Miller

(co-writing, production “Danger Zone”)

Michael Bearden

(co-writing, production “Lucky Girl”)

Bebe Winans

(engineering and programming services)

The Black Cats

(engineering and programming services)


(engineering and programming services)

Randy Edelman

(engineering and programming services)

Luis Bakajov

(engineering and programming services)

and more.

Our Movie Credits Include:

Triple XXX

(scoring crew, programming services)

27 Dresses

(scoring crew, programming services)

The Boy next Door

(scoring crew, programming services)

Acts of Mercy

(scoring, programming services, original music)

Slip & Fall

(scoring, programming services, original music)

Leap Year

(scoring crew, programming services)

Lost Angeles

(licensing and clearance services and original music for the web series)

and more…

"We're not in the business of canned music."

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