What is Tailored Music?

It's music made just for you!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

(yeah we said it because that’s how easy it is)

Give us the musical style you are looking for...

Give us the details...names, places, events, feelings, thoughts, ideas...

We'll handle the rest, writing & producing the original music for you!

You tell us what you want to hear and we find amazingly talented musicians to make it for you. Freshly juiced. Farm to table from locally sourced musicians. Your topic, your genre, for whatever reason your heart desires.

Suddenly - Rough Patch

A client asked us to create a song that expressed her feelings of being neglected during a rough patch in her relationship.

She wrote down her feelings and we crafted a song so that her partner could hear her feelings in a completely different voice. It worked!

Jared Fogle Guilty - Parody Song

A client made a parody video during the whole Jared Fogle debacle and tasked us with making a silly salacious and downright vulgar song that involved cured meats and Jared’s butt…that’s all we will say 🙂

Find it online! Silly!

Douche Bag - Parody Song

Do you hate your boss?

Have you ever wanted a custom song that expressed your disdain for your mortal enemy so you could put it over a Snapchat,  FB, or Instagram post? Want a custom diss track created just for the person you hate?! They asked for it! We did it! And put money in a local musicians pocket to boot! That’s Tailored Music!

Original Music Made to order!

Personalized music created by talented musicians just for you.

Gift it,
Share, Love it,

...mark the occasion with it or just enjoy your new theme music or private song!

Need some ideas?

A love song! ...A breakup song!
A jingle for your business or project!
Your own motivational workout mix!
Mark an event with a song about it!
A perfect & unique gift for someone special!
A theme song for your social media or blog!
A fun new song for your kids to sing in the car!
A song that sounds like the music that grandma used to listen to as girl—with her name in the lyrics!

What people are saying about
Tailored Music:

“HTI wrote an entire album for my gf! It included details about our time together and even had parts about our families. She thought it was one of the most unique gifts she had ever gotten! She even got a single released with her name in the title! When flowers won’t do…holler at Hottrax Inc! Big thanks!”

-Eric B.

“My dad loves The Grateful Dead, heard every song—but he’d never heard the original Dead-styled song about him that I got for his birthday from Hottrax Inc!”

-Gabe G.

“Wanted a Buddy Holly song for my YouTube video—but with a twist! Hottrax Inc came up with the perfect solution for me! Thank you HTI!”

-Chris B.

“My supervisor is a douche bag. Hottrax Inc wrote me a song about douche bags. It’s now my supervisors ringtone on my phone. Sure it’s dangerous but also is funny as hell! Shhhh…. Thanks HTI!”

-Cristina M.

*no we’re not talking about swiffy lol

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